BrickYard Gym
don’t wish life were easier,
wish you were stronger

We strive to offer the best gym that you can find...anywhere.  With a philosophy forged upon a lifetime of weightlifting and Martial Arts, the founder of Brickyard Gym wanted to offer its members a no nonsense alternative to the glossy fitness centers where talking on your cell phone takes precedence over your next set.

Brickyard gym is for everyone yet may not be everyone’s choice.  Open to young and old.  From the serious hardcore lifters and bodybuilders to the person that just wants to improve their looks and their health. 

We offer counseling to those that need it.  When it comes to exercise we are aware that most people have no idea what they are doing or even how to start.

We are here for you to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Welcome to the brickyard
Hours of Operation
Monday thru Friday 5AM - 10PM
Sat 8AM to 8PM
Sun  10AM to 6PM
Phone Number
3602 Darlington Rd Darlington PA 16115

“Come see the World Famous 20 foot Behemoth known as Zuverman!  He is rich in weightlifting history and has survived since the 1960’s.  Born on the beaches of Southern California he stood guard at one of the most fabled gyms in the world.  He now calls the Brickyard his home.  Zuverman is listed on The National Registry for Roadside Attractions.”